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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 1, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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about anybody, at least that i have heard. and a happy birthday, 90th birthday to a man i admire, jimmy carter. thanks for watching. this morning the white house press secretary insisted the white house had full confidence in the secret service. hours later, the administration accepted her resignation, this is special report. >> good evening, i'm brett baier, the woman charged with keeping the president alive achkd well is out of a job tonight. secret service director julia pierson has resigned as the organization endures a crisis of confidence following a series of security lapses. mike emanuel tonight on a move
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that was scud udden if not surprising. >> met with director pierson and accepted her resignation. >> with two security breaches, one with president obama at the cdc with an armed security guard and a fence jumpera got deep into the white house. >> we have seen recent and accumulating reports raising questions of the performance of the agency and the president concluded that new leadership of that agency was required. >> but this morning the president saying he fully supported her. >> he fully has confidence in the leadership of the secret service to protect himself and his family. >> i think it's time that she be fired by the president of the yooil united states or that she resign. >> as the hours went by, more and more lawmakers called for a change. joseph clancy, a former special agent in charge of the
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protective division would return as acting director. a former presidential prosecutor turned south carolina republican congressman says secret service must be held to a higher standard. >> i do not enjoy criticizing law enforcement, in fact it's my least favorite thing to do. but we ask the secret service to do an extraordinary job, therefore it takes extraordinary people to be able to do it. >> a top to bottom review of the secret service. house speaker john boehner says secret service has a culture of complacency and incomp tense. >> she came on board after most of the scandals had taken place, i think that's the whole point of this independent review, this independent commission to investigate and review the policies and review her conduct as well. so i would prefer to have these experts look at the matter and report back to congress.
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>> reporter: meanwhile white house fence jumper omar gonzalez was in federal court this afternoon pleading not guilty to three counts. the federal charge of unlawfully entering a restricted building, the white house on september 19 carries a maximum of ten years in prison. he also faces two local charges, carrying a dangerous weapon, a knife and unlawful possession of ammunition. >> it is painful to leave as the agency is reeling from a significant security breach and she had a vision for the future. it sounds like someone who didn't leave voluntarily but was told she is out effective immediately. the first diagnosed case of ebola is sending chills through much of the u.s. tonight and despite official assurances, there are worries that patient zero in dallas could be just the beginning. senior national correspondent john roberts is at the cdc headquarters in atlanta again tonight. >> as liberia, thomas eric duncan fights for his life in this dallas hospital, troubling
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news from texas governor rick perry who confirmed among duncan's contacts after he became ill were five dallas children. >> these children have been identified and they are being monitored and the disease cannot be cannot be transmitted before having any skimp toms. >> reporter: at the state and federal level, officials are rushing to soothe public anxiety about the first case of ebola to show up in america. >> we already know of a handful of people, family members, several community members, we'll be looking at the hospital at every interaction there, any transports through the hospital. >> reporter: so far no one else has shown signs of the disease. three emt -- have all tested negative for ebola but are still being watched. hospital officials acknowledge
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that duncan had told them he just arrived from liberia when he first sought treatment last thursday. but he was sent home after that travel history was not shared with doctors. >> regretfully that information was not fully communicated throughout the full team. and as a result, the full import of that information wasn't factored into the clinical decision making. >> for months tcdc has warned hospitals to fully consider recent travel for anyone who comes in with fever. public health officials hope this serves as a stern warning. >> that's an enormous red flag that should tip people off, so hopefully if this happens again, there will be much greater awareness. >> reporter: officials fully expect that one or more people who had contact with duncan will fall ill, but they have tried to reassure people who may have traveled with duncan that he arrived before he showed signs of ebola.
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>> science says if you're not exhibiting symptoms of this, there is zero chance that you can transmit this. >> and some late breaking news on this, united airlines had just released a statement saying that duncan did fly on two of its flights from bruzales to the dallas airport, that's flight 951 fro virginia to washington-dulles, arngd flight 852 from dulles to dallas ft. worth. people who are worried about that are encouraged to call united airlines. >> john rollins outside the cdc. stocks were way down today, with weak economic news plus some commentators citing news about ebola. just what you heard about, airline travel is another major factor. the dow slumping 238 today. the s&p 500 lost 26. the nasdaq fell 71. more than three-quarters of you approve of president obama's air
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strikes against isis targets. that is the word from just released fox news polls. at the same time when asked what it will take to defeat isis, 57% of those surveyed say ground troops are needed as opposed air strikes alone. this comes amid another round of questions of whether the president can deliver on the promise to destroy isis. and there is new pressure torre tonight from an old ally. >> reporter: in the oval office today, president obama tried to cite what he called progress in dealing with iran's nuclear program. yet israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was having none of it, declaring iran is a far bigger problem than isis and calling on the president to not let iran -- >> lift the tough sanctions that we worked so hard to put in place and leave it as a
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threshold nuclear power. and i firmly hope that under your leadership that will not happen. >> reporter: a tough message at the united nations monday when he said to defeat isis but allowing iran to become a nuclear power would be winning the battle but looizing the war. the president focused the vast majority of his comments on isis. >> i'll brief on the work that we're doing to degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> 50% of the public does not think that the administration has a clear strategy to isis. when it comes to the president's job performance on terrorism, 41% approve, 53% disapprove. homeland security secretary jay johnson warned about isis but also cited the threat of core al qaeda without suggesting it has been decimated as the president has claimed many times. johnson declaring, quote, today
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the terror threat is different than what it was in 2001, it is more decentralize ed and more complex. not only is there core al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan, there's a series of al qaeda affiliates all around the world. >> core al qaeda is no longer decimated, that they are part of this threat matrix? >> ed, we stand by what is demon strapably true. it has been decimated and destroyed. >> reporter: meanwhile isis continues to gain territory inside iraq, on the outskirts of baghdad after a wave of attacks in the shiite parts of the capital. official at the pentagon say baghdad is not under any direct threat of falling, at least not yet. >> they can continuously suppose a net to the capital city and we continuously in concert with iraqi security forces are trying to put them back. but it should come as no surprise to anybody that they
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have designs on baghdad as they have had designs on other cities and other places of infrastructure throughout the country. >> the last 60 seconds or so, marine 1 took off behind me from the south lawn so the president can go to chicago, he's going to be campaigning tomorrow for the re-election of governor pat quinn and then will give a speech to try to change the subl to the economy. up next, we'll talk about those midterm elections, we'll play the what if game and we'll talk about scenarios for control of the u.s. senate. but first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. providence, rhode island, the death of a 12-year-old girl with an unusual respiratory virus that has been affecting children all across the country. the astonishicircumstances surr the girl's death --
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in charlotte, north carolina, the charity samaritan's purse is sending 90 tons of supplies to liberia for the fight against the ebola virus. it includes glus, disinfectants, gloves and boots. the big story in dallas, texas, the rescue of a local teenager who kidnapped eight years ago. she is found in mexico by a child rescue team. her mother was arrested and changesed with aggravated kidnapping. the girl's father reported the child missing in 2002. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way from special reports. we'll be right back. people with type 2 diabetes
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get every month free. when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. we are 34 days away from the midterm election. republicans need to pick up six
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seats to take control. you can see the breakdown, 55-45 currently. there are two independents who caucus with the democrats for that number. there are a number of ways republicans can do it. but if you look at the real clear politics, average and polls tonight, it's clear that republicans have a really good shot in montana, south dakota and west virginia. that leaves them three shy, if they hold on to the seats they're defending in georgia, kentucky and that interesting race in kansas with the independent greg orman. but as of the polls tonight, the average of polls, republicans are poised to pick up alaska and arkansas and even tonight iowa. which is trending red, not tr traditionally a red state but one where joni ernest is picking up the average of polls in later days. that leaves states that are still close, including colorado yo, where republicans could win there. and louisiana and north carolina. you can see if they hold on to the seats they are defending,
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you can get to that a number of different ways. foreign policy is factoring into the discussion. as president obama said on 60 minutes this week, it's definitely raising some eyebrows. james rosen reports. >> ronald reagan used to ask the question are you better off than you were four years ago, in this case, are you better off than you were in six, and the answer is the country is definitely better off than we were when i came into office. but now they don't feel it. and the reason they don't feel it is that incomes and wages are not going up. >> indeed, across the last six years, americans median weekly earnings adjusted for inflation suffered a 4% decline in purchasing power. the economy has assuredly improved. but economists say such metrics don't tell the full story. >> i would just look at the statistics and say unemployment
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has gone down and therefore things are better. there are a lot of folks who really aren't improving and a lot of folks who really are still in a recession, you think of the long-term unemployed, people who have been driven out of the labor force things like that. >> reporter: during the obama presidency the labor participation rate has declinged to its lowest rate since 1978. homeowner ship has declined slightly and studies show that 85% of income gains have gong to the top 1% of earners. president obama says he could have accomplished more with a democratically controlled house. >> what additional policies can we put in place to ensure that we are doing the kinds of things that will grow our economy from the middle out? >>. >> reporter: and they see long-term structural factors affecting earnings and spending. >> there's policies here,
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specifically around tax, around the ways that ceos are compensated, all of these things work together to create a situation where the majority of jobs that we have seen that were lost during the recession were middle class jobs, the majority that have been gained back are low wage. >> 58% of registered voters, including more than 1/3 of democrats surveyed, disagreeing with the idea that the economy and american workers are better off now versus 2008. those are the kinds of perceptions the president will be seeking to change when he gives what is being billed at major address on the economy at northwestern university's kellogg school of management. >> what do you think? are you better off than you were when president obama took office? let me know at send us something good, we may use it later with the panel. one of the races i did not mention in that what if map scenario for control of the u.s. senate was new hampshire,
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obviously republicans in the granite state have hopes that former senator scott brown can pull off an upset there. jeanne shaheen -- brown missed all six hearings on border security when he was a senator from ma. brown has criticized shaheen for her positions on immigration. when asked for comments about his missed hearings, his aid said that shaheen missed several hearings regarding isis. they were likely to disenfranchise black voters, this would have eliminated same day registrations of voters and volts cast outside of voters assigned districts will not apply in the midterm elections. we will talk all about the hot
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midterm races to watch and what's happening there on the map during our online show beginning at 7:00 eastern. log on at fox a little bit later just after the show. just ahead, will president obama's fcc try to make it illegal to say washington redskins on radio and tv. but first, the tea party flexes considerable muscle in the uk.
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britain's version of the american tea party is making things tough tonight on prime minister david cameron and his conservative supporters, amy kellogg lays it all out for us from london. >> this could be david cameron's last -- conservatives are facing an uphill battle in the next election in may. but cameron gave an upbeat address, saying that the conservatives are only out for the rich, announcing a rash of tax cuts for lower and middle income blits. >> it comes back to those things that i believe. a britain that everyone is proud to call home is a britain where hard work is really rewarded. not a free for all, but a chance for all. >> reporter: one of his biggest challenges is the meteoric rise of the it appeals to people put
3:25 pm
off by is conservative socially liberal stances on issues like gay marriage and wants a harder line taken on immigration. some here liken them to britain's tea party. >> they just cater to people being fed up with the old main stream metropolitan parties, in the united states, it would be described as inside the belt way, here's it's the uk elite. >> reporter: he is trying to keep more of his traditional voters to support ukip. >> it's a really difficult set of horses to ride, not just two, they're riding several in different directions. >> reporter: so ed milliband's -- far from the majority needed to run the country without forming a coalition. so the composition of britain's
3:26 pm
next government. >> if the conservative party running britain is forced to lunch conservatively to right. >> taliban bombers struck two busses carrying afghan soldiers today in kabul. seven people were killed and a wounded in the first attack. at least six people were hurt in the second. the assaults come just one day after the signing of a security pact that will allow about 10,000 u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan after the end of the year. senator chuck grassley says 11 whistle blowers have come -- loss of effectiveness orders to get back at employees who speak up about any wrong doing. grassley has been pressing fbi director james come yary for a
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response. next up, could the u.s. marine held captive in mexico for six months finally be on his way home? also be sure to check out tonight's grapevine, including why a lot of women are really upset at alex trebeck, you can see it all on my blog at the daily and also a cyber security expert was supposed to be on last night, he's on the blog, you don't want to misths this, especially if you have a flashlight app on your smart phone.
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the muslim convert accused of beheading a co-worker at a food processing plant is being held without bond. he asked the court for a muslim attorney. the da says the government will likely seek the death penalty. he was release frtd the hospital today and taken to jil. the nightmare may be over for a u.s. marine who made a wrong turn at the mexican border six months ago. >> i'll tell you what, i'm tired of -- what kind of a low bar did we set -- pulls no punches to get marine sergeant andrew
3:32 pm
tamarisi a lot of jail. >> and that phone has to be put up to his ear. mr. president, we have a man down, pick up the phone and do your job on behalf of our marines. the state department must make this a priority. >> the white house and state department say -- must respect mexican due process. others prefer to leverage millions in u.s. aid. >> i don't think we should keep investing in friends, if we have friends like this, we really don't need enemies. >> i apologize he made mistakes, and i hope you find in your heart the ability to forgive him and release him. >> andrew! >> reporter: in tijuana, the prosecutor's psychiatrist concluded not only does tamarisi
3:33 pm
have ptsd. >> he was having flash backs, a really difficult time sleeping so he would wake up screaming. >> his ptsd compromised his judgment the night he drove into mexico. >> what we want to do is get him out of that situation right now which is further compounding his stress and into a situation that's been delayed now for six months. >> now today the white house confirmed president obama did not call his mexican counter parol parts. the defense rested its case today setting up closing arguments with a newly cooperative federal prosecutor. a verdict, get, releasing tamarisi could happen this month. people seeking a change to the nickname of washington's nfl team may have a new ally.
3:34 pm
correspondent molly henneberg tells us how the obama administration may try to sensor is word red skins off public airwaves. >> should a radio station lose it's broadcast license if it repeatedly uses the word redskins, as in the washington redskins fastball team. an fcc chairman tom wheeler indicated it's under review. >> there are a lot of names and descriptions that were used over time that are inappropriate today. and i think the name that is attributed to the washington football club is one of those. >> reporter: the radio station under fire is owned by redskins owner dan snyder, it's a talk station that focuses on the team and it's news. our station has not violated any fcc rules, it's contempt is protected by the first amendment, the objection should be rejected and the license renewed. but the legal advocate that
3:35 pm
filed this petition said it's meant to force snyder's hand. >> it's going to take economic pressure and if he can't get his name used on the air on radioor television, he's going to have to change it or go broke. >> this is a private business. people in the community and the owners of the business and the federal government has other things to do and it should stick with doing what it should be doing. >> dan snyder says he's not changing the name and that the washington redskins embodies strength, courage, pride and respect. he's also set up a foundation to help native american tribes around the country. >> molly, thank you. nec up, the panel on what you think about how president obama's handling a host of issues including isis.
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>> everybody here at the white house stand strongly behind all of the men and women of the secret service including the director of the secret service. >> over the last few weeks we have seen increasing reports -- and the president concluded that new leadership of that agency was required. >> i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> how could anybody miss this that's paying any attention at all. senator mccain and i said in october of 2013, watch out for isis. >> in the unlikely event that someone with ebola does reach our shores, we have taken new measures so that we're prepared here at home. >> today we learned that some school aged children have been identified as having had contact with the patient and are now being monitored at home for any signs of the disease. >> there are a lot of things going on all at the same time, secret service director resigns today after a series of failures of the first ebola case in the
3:40 pm
u.s., the isis threat, the terrorism threat, things happening in iraq, afghanistan and across the country. there is a feeling about that, today by the way is former president jim my carter's 90th birthday, 35 years ago he gave this speech from the white house. >> the threat is nearly invisible in ordinary ways. it is a crisis of confidence. it is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national world. we can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives, and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation. >> crisis of confidence speech evolved to be called the malaise
3:41 pm
speech. is there a feeling about security and concern that possibly affects the elections? let's bring in steve hayes, and syndicate columnist charles krauthammer. >> i don't think it's a malaise sense at ail, it is a sense in the country that we have a presidency that's falling apart, and it isn't as if it all happened at once, the president comes in with a great division expanding government, the government's going to solve a lot of problems and withdrawal at home, if you say nice things in cairo, you say we want an outstretched hand, we're going to eliminate all the blunders that the previous administration had made, things will get better abroad. now it takes years until the consequences of that are seen. abroad in the vacuum that we created by obama's retreat, more aggressive, more wicked, in fact some of the worst people on earth have filled in in libya,
3:42 pm
in syria, in iraq, putin's on the margin in eastern europe. everybody sees america is there, our allies are concerned about the support they're going to get. so the consequences of a policy, and domestically the great idea of expansion and title mrvelts and a new economy and all this stuff, is this a crisis of competence? the irs, the va, the secret service, all the institutions in the past you would make a movie about, the secret service has to be acknowledged has the hero. all of these agencies that are trusted are showing how badly that government is run. you combine them and you get a sense that things are out of control. >> mara, today with the secret service director resigning, capped what has been a bad few weeks. >> it's been a bad few weeks and the voters as they have for some time think the country is on the wrong track, 2-1. however, the secret service problems predated president obama and so far they skrhaven'
3:43 pm
been turned into a political indictment of him so far. although there was a republican congressman who said at the hearing, it's hard for me to say that this president and family deserve to be protected. but i would say that there's true outrage that the presidency of the united states, the president and his family wasn't protected and i actually think that the sense that the world is on fire, that things are falling apart, ukraine, isis, ebola, that was what was consuming the presidency for a number of weeks. i would say that things have actually gotten a little more stable. first of all, we have one case in the united states, we don't know if it's going to be an epidemic here, and we don't think so. isis is now being attacked as opposed to a growing threat where the president stands up and says we don't have a strategy yet. his approval rates have actually ticked up a little bit recently and it's because he took action against isis. >> a couple of polls new out
3:44 pm
tonight, fox poll number four, does the obama administration have a clear strategy for defeating isis? yes, 26%, no, 64%. is the obama administration on radical muslim extremists, how do they stand not tough enough, 74%, and the job approval, there you see approval and disapproval, and on the foreign policy front, obviously taking a hit for syria there. >> mara is right, the daily gallup tracking poll, he's up a little bit from where he was a few weeks ago. but certainly when you look at this broad set of issues that we're talking about, a lot of it reflects poorly on the president. some of it doesn't. i don't think it's fair to say that president obama is responsible for the ebola crisis. it adds to the sense that things are out of control. but it's not president obama's fault. >> but potentially security moms who have played in elections
3:45 pm
past may feel this angst -- >> right, exactly. >> on what the world is doing. >> i think -- remember, when barack obama came into office, on his first day, he issued an executive order in which he said his goal, his objective, was to restore faith in government because without restorred faith in government, he couldn't impment the kinds of changes that he wanted to make. and he was also very clear before he was elected and again running for re-election in 2012, if he wanted to be a transformative president, that he wanted to do big things, that he wanted to change the attitude of americans towards their government, make it an activist government again. not only has he failed at that, we have seen a dramatic erosion in faith in government. it's irs, it's benghazi, it's va, it's immigration debacle over the summer and of course you can't forget, obama care, which i think is this rolling disaster and we're still seeing and likely to see more dramatic
3:46 pm
effects from it. >> quickly, charles, no one expects the president to give a jimmy carter crisis of confidence speech about all of the things collectively together, but there is a sense that what has been said at times by this white house, by this president have not turned out to be accurate in a number of cases. i even just today, the president has complete confidence in the secret service director, and then six hours later, he accepts her resignation because it's a string of incidents. >> obviously nothing happened in the interim, so this is clearly a blunder and an obvious stupid one, the kind that you would make if you were president of the student council, you endorse her in the morning and you fire her in the afternoon. but this stuff about ebola is obviously outside the president's control. it's the fact that you get a beheading of an american in the united states and then you get the fbi and others saying, calling it workplace violence.
3:47 pm
when every sentient adult knows it's an act of terror, it's something that the administration denies, it doesn't want to see, the same way obama denied and neglected the isis threat because it contradicted his narrative of the ti of war is receding. and it's interesting to say that a lot of this stuff predated his presidency. you can say that in year one and year two, this is year six, the end of year six, at that point you are responsible, even if you inherited a problem or two, particularly if you are the party of government of fixing stuff and obviously stuff has gotten worse. >> next up, an issue that the white house likes to count that they say is going their way, the economy, we'll talk about that with our panel after a quick break. ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak...
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ronald reagan used to ask the question: are you better off than you were four years ago in this case are you better off than you were in six? and the answer is the country is definitely better off than we were when i came into office. >> do you think americans feel it? >> they don't feel it it the reason is because income and wages are not going up. >> there t. is is the case a lot of folks aren't improving. a lot of folks who really are in recession. long-term unemployed. people who have been driven out of the labor force. things like that. could we have con better had the president been more focused on this and i think the answer to that question is yes. >> are we better off that be we were when the president took office six years ago? some bullet points here from a new study out. one in five workers has been laid off in the last five years. 22% say they found no new job and 44 percent said the new job was a step down.
3:52 pm
the unemployment rate is now down to 6.1%. yet, consumer confidence also took a drop in september. fell to 86.0, the first decline in four months. conference board says of economists says the decline reflected a less positive view of the current state of the job market. we're back with the panel. mara, the president is going to speak about the economy this week. they see this as a positive. >> well, they feel that he has to get back to the economy. that's the most important issue for all voters this year. and he has been unable to talk about it because of all the stuff that's been happening around the world that we just discussed. i think the biggest political problem for the president is just what that economist talked about. the people who are the worst hurt are the long-term unemployed. people driven out of the labor force. people who are lower income, lower education. those are generally democratic voters. this year the democrats' task is to fire up those people and get them to the
3:53 pm
polls. and that's where they have the biggest hurdle. >> uphill battle. >> yeah. >> if you think what the president is likely to say in this speech on thursday, it's going to be more of the same. more of what we have had for six years. from his perspective that's not going to work. if you listen what he said in response to the question from steve croft where he boasted that the country was better off than was six years ago, he goes on to list a number of things if we did them now could help to improve the economy even more. raise the minimum wage, more ingovernment investment in job training. all of the kinds of activist government programs that this president has championed in many cases implemented over the past six years that plainly haven't worked. we are looking at the slowest economic recovery in history. they haven't worked. he is unable to come to grips with that fact. >> we're starting to see the foreshadowing and some of the things that josh earnst has said. in other words, if there was a democratic house, it would be a different story.
3:54 pm
>> of course. biggest stimulus in gla atlantic galactic history of course it's the production' fault because they won't do what he said on minimum wage. we are better off obama took office in the middle of a financial collapse. we had a stark drop shocking drop in the stock market. it lost half the value. we had a sharp increase in unemployment. it was a calamity. there was a point where the money market funds themselves is, people had doubt that it was stable and, of course, we have improved on that but that's a very low bar. the reason we are not better off in people's perception is because where we should be six years. in as steve says, it's the most anemic recovery since the second world war and what you had on earlier in the show. this is the first recovery in which median income has gone down. so you talk about wages. this is a stagnant economy. way below where it should be.
3:55 pm
arguably as conservatives would argue because of overregulation, overtaxation, intrusiveness. we have the great windfall of the production of oil and gas. this is a boone that the administration has done everything it can to hold back it is still sustaining our economy. that's what people are are sensing. and i don't know what is he is going to say if talking about the economy is a way to improve his political prospects, it tells how badly off we are everywhere else. >> mara, quickly, he says they don't feel it because income and wages are going to up. there are solutions to that. >> he thinks raising the minimum wage. raising the minimum wage has tremendous support. you see republicans all around the country in tight raises they are for state raises even if he is not for the federal one. the mum wage is a very small thing, yeah, it would improve people's lives. >> politically popular.
3:56 pm
i'm sorry to see some republicans it bad policy. analysis of that fiery iowa senate debate. eltzer reliefchew. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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finally tonight democrat and joni earnst took jabs at each other during sunday's iowa debate. highlight their own modest roots. so who won? >> i grew up in a working class home and a small farm town. >> i grew up drinking well water on a southwest iowa farm. >> my dad ran a grain elevator. >> my father is a farmer a very proud farmer. >> i got my first job in 3rd grade. >> i was the morning biscuit maker at hardee's in head oak. >> it's a tie. they have both achieved, this is exciting will ford brenly oat meal. this never happened. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." by the way i think that sells in iowa. fair, balanced and unafraid.
4:00 pm
greta goes "on the record" in just a moment. "special report" online starts in nine seconds. did president obama miss something? senator john mccain tweeting president obama claims intel community missed isis threat. but senator graham and i saw it. and senator mccain joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> i saw the tweet. i read the tweet. i also read back on october 20th, 2013 op. ad policesterring laying out what you thought would happen and did happen. how does the president miss this? >> because he campaigned and actually was able to get the democrat nomination by being against anything in iraq. and he refused to rizzs the reality. he refused to pursue the effort to have a stable blizzing force


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